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At West Real Estate Group, we specialize in helping our clients buy and sell homes in the City of Meridian, Idaho, as well as the surrounding areas. Use our easy search tool to view all active real estate listings on the MLS. You can also find properties with our map search tool.

Our team believes that buying and selling real estate should be less complicated and more enjoyable. We are a group of people who are obsessed with educating, empowering, and helping people obtain the American dream of homeownership.

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Selling a Home in Meridian, ID

We believe selling your home should be an enjoyable process, not one filled with stress and anxiety. West Real Estate Group is paving the way and keeping in step with the rapid changing housing market. We’re on the forefront of some of the most innovative practices in real estate that ensure you get the highest level of service. Educating you throughout the process is important to us, so that you can make informed decisions that lead to a faster sale. We specialize in selling homes in Meridian, as well as the surrounding areas.

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Buying a Home in Meridian, ID

When you are thinking about buying a new home, you will discover that you have many questions about what the process will look like from beginning to end. Since this will be one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make, it can lead to stress and frustration when questions aren’t answered and the steps to your new home are uncertain. This doesn't have to be the case though, because we are going to answer the most common questions you’ll have, and take you through the steps in the home buying journey.

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Everyone knows a Realtor. Few know a great Realtor.

One who listens to you and truly understands the process of buying and selling a home. One who puts your needs first, and their commission last. A person who tells you the truth, even if it's uncomfortable to hear. A professional who knows the market, the communities, and the neighborhoods you call home.

At West Real Estate Group, we get it.

You Deserve More-
Better Education...
More Communication...

Everything about real estate has changed. The way you will shop for a new home, the way buyers will find your home for sale, and the way people connect and interact has changed. If your Realtor is not active online, you will miss out on the power of this shift.

If you are thinking of buying a new home or have a home to sell, you may be just starting the process of gathering information about neighborhoods, cities, home styles, and prices. You might be wondering:

These are good questions, and our team is happy to answer them. However, you may be missing the most important question of all: What Realtor should I hire to help me in this process?

Most people just don't know what a great Realtor looks like, so they end up choosing just any Realtor to do the job. I mean, aren't all Realtors the same?

If you have ever had a bad experience buying or selling a home, you know just how important choosing the right Realtor is. However, if you have not bought or sold before, this is not something you want to find out during the stressful time of buying or selling a home.

Meet Jim and Karen Johnson

One day the Johnson's learned that they needed to sell their dream home to buy a smaller one. Karen was diagnosed with a serious illness and they needed to downsize.

They hopped on Google and found a Realtor they knew nothing about. After signing a listing contract with that agent, they crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

Then their agent disappeared.

Or so it seemed. Calls where not promptly returned. They had few visitors come by to see the home, and heard no feedback on what buyers thought. Days turned into weeks, and their stress grew into frustration. This is the last thing they needed on top of everything else they had going on in their lives. But what could they do? They signed a contract with this agent, and it seemed they would have to wait until it expired to do anything.

Your Treasure Valley Real Estate Specialists.

When Karen was expressing her frustration about this situation to a friend and her home had not sold, she was told that she should talk with West Real Estate Group, as they had a great reputation of helping people get their home sold and going above and beyond for their clients. While Karen thanked her friend for the recommendation, she was not about to repeat the same nightmare she had gone through before. She decided to do her homework this time before she hired just any Realtor.

She sat down at her computer, pulled up Google, and typed in West Real Estate Group in the search bar.

The first thing she noticed was all the raving Google reviews of past clients of West Real Estate Group. Her other Realtor didn't have any public reviews like this. They all seemed to say the same thing about this company:

She headed to their Facebook page, Google+ page, and other social media sites and found more great reviews. Her other agent didn't even have a social media presence online. Interesting.

Jim also did some research online and found something else that he found very interesting.

West Real Estate Group was actually ran as one team serving their clients, not just a typical brokerage that had individual real estate agents.

The more Jim and Karen researched this, the more and more it just made sense. Why had they not heard of the team approach before? One past client review said: 

 "If you're looking for a Realtor, think Realtor TEAM, not just individual."
 -Steven Reames

For the same price the other Realtor was charging, West Real Estate Group provided:

 Listing Specialist - Who focuses only on the marketing and selling aspect (if you're selling).

 Buyer Specialist - Who's assigned to each buyer to give them complete attention and full service. They know the neighborhoods and cities inside and out.

 Transaction Coordinator - Stays on top of all the paperwork and details so the agents can focus on their clients' needs.

 Marketing Team - They spend their day making properties look stunning and putting the homes for sale right in front of potential buyers who are searching online for a home to buy in Meridian, Boise, Nampa (or anywhere around the Treasure Valley).

 Professional Photographer and Home Staging Expert - They make the properties they list for sale, sell faster and for more.

The Johnsons were definitely impressed with what they read, however they still weren't sure if they were ready to jump into a contract again because of what they had experienced before. I mean the other agent did promise them a lot too, and did not deliver.

They did need to sell their home though, so they decided to call West Real Estate Group and interview them to see if they might be different.

That's when they learned about West Real Estate Group's Mission Statement, Core Values, and Belief System. If they really did function that way, Jim and Karen would be thrilled.

However, the looming contract issue seemed to be their final hang up.

That's when they learned about West Real Estate Group's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If West Real Estate Group did not do what they promised they would, or if the Johnsons were not happy with the service given, they had the option of asking to be removed from the contract with no questions asked.

This made the decision that much easier so they went for it.

They had nothing to lose. 

They chose to list and sell their home with West Real Estate Group. Within two weeks, Jim and Karen had a full price offer on their home. Their Buyer Specialist also helped them find their new home where they still live to this day.

Although Karen is still facing health concerns, she is forever grateful to West Real Estate Group for all they did.


"We understand there are kinks in every road but knowing you were on our side and have always had our best interest in mind, we have been ab le to relax and enjoy where our lives are headed. We needed you and you just stepped up up and took care of us like we were family. Thank you for that. Buying our home is something we will always remember and you have made it even more special. Thank you for all you did. Your service has gone way beyond any of our expectations. I look forward to a continued friendship beyond the sale of our house."

-Karen Johnson 


At West Real Estate Group, we strive to follow the golden rule which is to treat others like we would like to be treated. We will work tirelessly to help you with your real estate needs. If you are considering buying a new home, or selling your existing property in the Meridian, ID area, or the surrounding areas, we would be thrilled to help you achieve your goals.

We promise to listen, to tell you the truth, to put your needs ahead of our own, and to offer you our expert advice so that you can make the best buying and selling decisions for yourself.

Call us.
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Bring us your concerns & questions.  

We promise to listen, to tell you the truth, to put your needs ahead of our own, and to offer you our expert advice so that you can make the best buying and selling decisions for yourself.

Lets talk.

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