7 Steps to Buying a Home | Step 7: Closing

Closing Day


That was exhausting. But now you're done! Well, sort of. We can accurately say that closing day is a life-changing event. You will walk in a renter and walk out a home owner!

Whatever you feel the morning you wake up to close, there is one thing you can count on; you're prepared. 

On closing day, you can expect to sit at a table with a Title Officer, and your Realtor and sign your name so many times that your hand begins to cramp! After signing, you can expect to get keys after the funds clear and the transaction is legally recorded.

And then, suddenly it’s all over. You are no longer a renter; you are no longer a homebuyer, you are a homeowner! A homeowner who is building up equity, enjoying tax benefits, and reveling in the freedom to paint your dining room any old color you please!

We want to take a moment and wish you a huge congratulations and thank you for allowing our team at West Real Estate Group to help you through this exciting process!

It is our sincere hope that your home brings you years of happy memories!

Now, go enjoy your new home!