Boise Idaho ranks #1 healthiest cities in the U.S.

By: John West

The vibrant city of Boise, Idaho continues to come out on top of many top lists taken for best areas to live and work in the nation and recently, we have done it again.

Men’s recently conducted a survey to find out what are the healthiest cities in the U.S. for guys. Here are their findings:

The 10 Best 
1. Boise, Idaho 
2. San Jose, Calif. 
3. San Francisco 
4. Plano, Texas 
5. Seattle, WA 
6. Burlington, Vt. 
7. Austin, Texas 
8. Salt Lake City 
9. Madison, Wis. 
10. Portland, Ore.

This list is no suprise to the residents that call the Treasure Valley home. One visit here and it is easy to see why Boise ranked so high on this list. Here is what had to say about Boise, Idaho:

“We arrived at Boise after a long journey measured not in miles traveled but in numbers crunched. All told, we delved into more than a dozen data sources in order to assemble city rankings in 38 different criteria, including everything from air quality to unemployment, cost of living to death rates. We factored in property crime and criminally long commute times. We even took into account the ratio of single men to single women.

Back in the 1860s, a gold rush lured men from all over the country to the Boise Basin. Some struck it rich, but most simply struck out. Today most of the gold is gone, but in its place is something much more valuable: a rich vein of health, happiness, and fitness that the men of Boise, Idaho, are mining every day.”

This is just one of many areas that Boise ranked highly in. Here are several more that clearly show Boise Idaho is truly a special place:

Forbes Magazine gave Boise, Idaho the number two spot on their list for 'Best Places To Raise a Family' because of low crime rates and high school quality.

Boise was also recently ranked by the Brookings Institute, KPMG, and Forbes.

Brookings, a nonprofit public policy organization that specializes in research, named Boise, Idaho as one of the top 20 fastest recovering cities. The calculation was based on growth, employment and housing prices.

The entire state of Idaho is also getting some national love from the press. CNN Money just named Idaho as the friendliest state for small businesses.

KPMG studies business environments across the world. The company says in the Pacific U.S., Boise is the lowest-cost place to do business.

This is just a hint of what our major metropolitan areas which includes BoiseMeridianEagleNampaKuna & Caldwell-Idaho has to offer anyone considering moving here. If you would like to see all area mls listings with large & vibrant photos, start your home search here.