Falling in Love with a House, Only for it Not to Work Out

Like many people, our home buying experience started out while we were in a major life transition... having a baby. I (Victoria) had often considered Dave Ramsey’s advice on the matter, that an infant doesn’t take up much space and is not justification for needing a “bigger” house, but what I couldn’t shake was the idea that we needed more space. We had simply outgrown our starter home.

What initially started out as a tiny thought soon escalated into me obsessively searching my husband’s real estate website for the house of my dreams. Over the course of my pregnancy, my husband John slowly came onboard with the idea and was on the lookout for a house that might be a good fit for us as well.

One evening, I received a call from John who was insistent that I check out a new home which had just come to the market. John has been in the real estate industry for over a decade and sees houses day in and day out. He rarely gets too excited like that, so I thought this house must be pretty special. With little daylight left, I met him at the home and agreed, the house had everything on our wants list and met our desired budget. That night while in the living room of that property we decided to move forward and put in an offer. Our offer was accepted and the next few days were both exciting and daunting as reality set in, and we thought of all the details that would be involved with us moving houses.

What I didn’t know was, that as I was growing more excited, my husband was regretting the decision we made. I’ll never forget when he told me that he wanted to back out of our offer because he didn't feel the home was truly a good fit for our needs long term. I was so upset and frustrated. I couldn’t believe that my Realtor/husband could put his pregnant wife through this roller coaster of emotion and I stopped looking at homes. I couldn’t bear the thought of going through that again, so for several months, we didn’t even discuss the possibility of moving.

Then one day, after our daughter was born, we passed by a home for sale in a neighborhood that we both loved and had just come to the market. It was love at first sight and unlike the first home I liked, this one passed the needs and wants questions that John asks of his own clients who are looking to buy a new home. We put in an offer on this home and our offer was accepted. Unlike the first home, this time was different. It just felt right for so many reasons and we knew this was the right one. After being in our new home for over two years now, I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we didn’t move into that first house. Looking back, it was a painful journey but one that ended up being 100% worth it in the end.

What we failed to consider when we first found a house that “fit” our wants was that we needed someone who was not emotionally engaged to guide us through the process and to ask us the right questions. There were so many things that we would have settled on had we moved forward with the first house we fell in love with. Our new house is such a blessing to our family in so many ways and I am so thankful that my husband spoke up and voiced his opinions despite how it made me feel. That is what a good agent will do for their clients. 

I think there are many people out there who might be experiencing those same feelings of falling in love with a house. Falling in love is a natural part of being a human and is a normal part of the home buying process. But as the saying goes, love is blind, you need to make sure you have a great Realtor who will ask you the right questions and to have the courage to tell you if a home you love, might not fit your needs or budget. 

Buying a home is an emotional and exciting process and having the right agent can make sure your story ends with a happy ending. Your home is a big deal. It's a foundational part of your life. It's where you find security and comfort. It's where you get your rest, where you eat meals and connect with others. 

Our personal story helped to shape and remind us of what we do here at West Real Estate Group. We understand that our clients are making big life decisions and are trusting us to help them make sure those decisions are wise ones. For us, it is not about transactions, it's about relationships. Our clients put their trust in us to help them find their way home and this is the work we love to do. 

If you are thinking about making a move, please do call our team today to get connected to one of our amazing agents who have the heart of a teacher and a deep passion for the people they serve. You won't regret it. 

By: Victoria West, Director of Operations