Seller Story 

By: John West

Life has a way of sneaking up on us and turning our world upside down. When it does, we are the most dependent on the strength of those around us and through some of our toughest times, we find our greatest friends.

When Scott and Susan found out that Susan was diagnosed with a major health issues, everything changed. They decided that they would need to sell their dream home to help with the looming medical bills and turned to a Realtor they met to help them with this tough decision.

Several weeks went by after putting their home on the market and yet there were no offers and little activity. They contacted their agent and were unable to get any straight answers to their questions and lost all confidence that their agent could help them secure an offer. The stress from the medical bills, and constantly health concerns seemed to make matters even worse and they had lost hope that they would be able to sell their home.

Weeks turned into months and they decided it was time to look in a new direction for a Realtor. They were referred to John West of West Real Estate Group and after interviewing him, they knew they found the agent and team to help them sell their their home.

West acted quickly and was able to secure an offer on the home within two weeks! Scott and Susan were both excited and sad to see their beloved home sell. Because the home meant so much to them, West arranged a meeting with the new Buyers and they were able to meet the family that was going to occupy the home they invested so much love and care in. This helped them to feel much better knowing that a good family was going to take care of their home and was going to enjoy it for many years to come.

Client Testimonial

“John your kindness has always been apparent to us and that is what we admire the most about you. Not only is your heart in the right place, your work ethic and knowledge have made our experience with you one we will never forget. We understand there are kinks in every road but knowing you were on our side and have always had our best interest in mind, we have been able to relax and enjoy where our lives are headed.God puts people in our lives for a purpose and teaches us so many things about ourselves and others along the way. We needed you and you just stepped up and took care of us like we were family. Thank you for that. Buying our home is something we will always remember and you have made it even more special. Thank you for all you did. Your service has gone way beyond any of our expectations. God’s blessings and I look forward to a continued friendship beyond the sale of our house.”