Buying a Home in the Boise, Idaho Real Estate Market 2022


"It Matters Who Represents You!"
Meet the Henry's - Chris and Tracey Henry, both Idaho Natives, were looking to buy a house after renting for 10 years. They wanted to stop paying someone else's mortgage so they could start building their own equity, have a nice home to raise their son in, and be able to grow their family business by having access to their own shop for materials. In our current market, this was going to be a challenge. 

Their problem - After 6 long months of searching for a home with another agent, submitting offers only to be met with rejection after rejection, and going through two pre-approval processes they were feeling defeated and ready to give up. 

Meeting Realtor John West - They originally met John through Dave Ramsey's ELP (Endorsed Local Provider) program and although they felt that he was patient, informative, and low-pressure they decided to work with a family friend that was going to give them a 1% discount upon closing. Unfortunately, that agent was unable to get the job done for them and they kept running into dead-ends.

They thought their dream was unattainable, and after all but giving up, John simply had called to check in with them to ensure they had found a home. Tracey explained all that they had been through and shared their feelings of frustrations and the lack of hope they had in finding a home. John felt confident that he could help them successfully find and secure a home that fit their needs, wishes, and budget. With nothing to lose, the Henry's put their trust in him and decided to try again. 

A plan that worked - Within a few weeks, they had found a house that checked all their boxes and even had a shop! They were excited but also nervous to get their hopes up. John worked hard to negotiate with the seller's agent and by the end of the day, they had come to a win-win for all parties and the Henry's were officially in contract on their dream home! 

Getting the job done - Had the Henry's not placed their trust in John, they would have missed out on finding a home that they love, the incredible price appreciation that the Treasure Valley has experienced, and would have been continuing to pay some investor's mortgage. They now have a beautiful home to call their own and the space to scale their business. 

Advice from the Henry's - Do not let yourself be motivated with reduced costs when you choose a Realtor. Choose a Realtor who is experienced, informative, and easy to communicate with. It truly matters who you choose to represent you! 


Buying their first house in Boise Idaho real estate
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