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Selling Your Home - What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Home Inspection

After you have accepted an offer on your home for sale, the next step is often the buyer’s home inspection. The most common inspection is a physical inspection conducted by a home inspector. Here’s what you can expect so that you can be best prepared.

What Are They Going to Do?

  • A home inspector will look at everything they can without risk to themselves or damage to the house.
  • The buyers may want to meet the inspector towards the end of the inspection to review the findings.

No Home is Perfect

No one’s home is perfect, and every inspection report will list at least a few items. Even brand new homes commonly have issues too. Remember that it’s the inspector’s job to be picky and find every little thing he can. What most sellers do with the report is to look for big, red flag items and not the little nickel and dime stuff. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the buyer’s requests with your agent and determine an appropriate response.

Getting Prepared

It’s in your best interest as a seller to provide quick and easy access to your entire home. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Clear areas around your attic and crawlspace access points as well as your electrical panel and water heater.
  • Make sure all pilot lights are on for fireplaces and furnaces (even in summer).
  • If the home is vacant and the utilities have been shut off, have them reconnected before the inspection.
  • Leave instructions (if needed) for the inspector that might be helpful to help them operate systems around the home.

Who Pays for a Home Inspection?

While well and septic inspections are often paid for by sellers, the general home inspection is almost universally a buyer expense. Who pays for what will always be spelled out in the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

The duration of a home inspection varies widely, mostly depending on four factors:

  • Home size
  • Number of defects
  • The quality and thoroughness of the home inspector
  • The helpfulness of the owner when preparing for the inspection

Most commonly, expect somewhere between two and four hours unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Is It Best for Sellers to Attend an Inspection?

We recommend that sellers leave and let the inspector do their work without interference. However, it’s still your home and you have the right to be there if you need to be. The inspector just has to be able to have free access to all areas of the home.

We strongly recommend that you do not discuss the condition of the house with the inspector of the buyers if they come. The inspector has to make his own findings, and we don’t want anything we say to be seen as influencing him.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming home inspection, please give us a call at 208-501-8200. We want to be sure your questions are answered and that you feel prepared. Thank you for your trust in us and for choosing our team to be a part of this process.